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The strength of our denim

  • Published at 06:04 pm November 5th, 2018

As our denim dominates the EU, RMG should find newer and more innovative ways to expand its reach

What a journey it has been for RMG. 

Recovering from the Rana Plaza disaster, which was a tragedy like no other in Bangladesh’s history, taking the lives OF more than a thousand people, we have retained our EXPORTING dynamism in exporting in the apparel sector -- Bangladesh’s continued success is testament to our potential and resilience.

And this success is further highlighted by the fact that, in the EU, Bangladesh has become the single largest exporters of denim products, beating powerhouse China -- the world’s second largest economy -- in the process. 

This only goes to show that, given the will to expand and improve as a nation, Bangladesh has the potential to compete on a global scale against the biggest countries in the world. 

The reasons for Bangladesh’s upward trend have been many: From improving technology in fabric manufacturing to improvements in overall safety standards in the apparel sector, the industry has seen widespread change, seeking to adapt to a world economy that is continuously changing.

The RMG sector’s ability to adapt is the primary reason that it has experienced such growth, providing quality products at reasonable prices to the rest of the world, and becoming the primary driving force behind the Bangladeshi economy. 

In fact, many of our other industries would do well to imitate policies implemented by the RMG sector, with the diversification of our economy crucial for sustainable growth in the future. 

As our denim dominates the EU, RMG should find newer and more innovative ways to expand its reach, so that we can see similar growth of not only denim, but other products, to the rest of the world.