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Change begins with us

  • Published at 06:39 pm August 26th, 2018
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Let’s make sustainable changes through technology BIGSTOCK

The action of one can bring change in all 

In this era of increased digitization, where an online trend has more impact on people’s ways of living than the words of a politician, technology has emerged as the new leader, with billions of genuine disciples in every corner of the world. 

Besides the obvious benefits of technology, one of the main reasons for its ever increasing popularity is its omnipresence.

No longer do we live in a world where things go haywire in one part of the world, and the other parts remain in dark. Rather, campaigns and protests are more effective when undertaken virtually than on the streets. 

Therefore, taking all of these factors into account, Spreeha Bangladesh Foundation believes in mitigating issues through a human-centric approach and utilizing technology as the medium of idea implementation. 

Spreeha is an organization based in Dhaka that works to empower people. It believes in creating communities that nurture creativity, embrace evolution, and, most importantly, treasure its people.

This is achieved by investing in people, thereby helping build individuals who can fight all the social barriers and transform the world into a place where anyone can pursue his/her “spreeha” (passion).

This has definitely not been easy, because, as the saying goes, “man is a slave of habit,” thus it’s never easy to change something that has been practiced forever. Here, Spreeha is fighting an even bigger and stronger foe. 

It’s not working to change the behaviour of people because human behaviour is a result, not a problem itself. Rather, Spreeha has identified that the root of the problem is the human mindset. We are mere slaves of our mindsets, therefore, resulting in the way we behave.   

In order to change that and free ourselves from the invisible but strong shackles of our conditioning, Spreeha has come up with this new initiative called “doing our bit.”

Sabbir Amin, desinger at Inked and an ambassador of Spreeha, initiated and inspired this campaign. This initiative is trended with a hashtag on every social media platform and is inclusive of people from all walks of life.

Through this, everyone gets to be part of a challenge, where people don’t compete with their peers, rather they compete with themselves in an effort to become better human beings. 

The rules of this game are very simple, yet even the most Herculean of all are brought to their knees. Here, people work on one particular aspect of a social issue that they feel requires a change, and upload it on social media to inspire millions to follow.

For instance, we recently observed “Road Safety Week,” many took part in this challenge by following and maintaining traffic rules, of which they took a picture to post on social media, and at the same time nominated two other friends to take part in this challenge. 

That initiative alone saw a massive breakthrough, because it finally got people involved in action. As hundreds took part in this challenge, there were thousands who engaged in dialogue; all these in turn inspired thousands more to take part in the challenge. 

Through this, thousands of people get to bring about a positive change within them, along with their surroundings.

It makes people more empathetic, and also helps build tolerance, which holistically helps build communities that are strong and resilient. 

Most importantly, the process of evolution has begun, that will hopefully pave the way to a better tomorrow.

A tomorrow where roads are clean of our litterings; a tomorrow where roads act as a means of connecting with loved ones, rather than being separated from them for eternity; a tomorrow where children are in school rather than in squalid working conditions; a tomorrow with no gender discrimination. A tomorrow with a new dawn and a louder voice. 

As Spreeha works towards this goal, it relies on people who have “become the change that they seek.” Moreover, it’s absolutely mesmerizing to see how the actions of one person can light the torch of change in the hearts of others. 

Therefore, Spreeha would like to welcome you all to be a partner in this revolutionary process. Together, we can transform the initiative of “doing our bit” into a norm, and insert it in the heart of every institution, so that the institutions we construct today can filter out the negativity on their own, allowing the changes we make today to be sustainable.

Farha Alvi Rahman works at Spreeha Foundation.