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Ways to heal ourselves

  • Published at 07:33 am June 5th, 2018
Prayer can help us heal / BIGSTOCK

Let’s not wait for diagnoses and drugs

n    Shireen Pasha


n addition to people with thyroid disorders, I meet many people who say they are gastric. 

We live in two worlds. Our diseases are often not what we think they are. 

The medical definition of gastritis is an inflammation or irritation of the stomach’s lining. The causes vary from alcoholism, stress, bulimia, regular use of certain medication such as aspirin. 

It may also be caused by an unfriendly and untreated virus or bacteria, such as the Helicobacter pylori, or excessive bile flowing into the stomach through a connection between the liver and gallbladder. 

As I was completing my spiritual journey, I also became gastric, and found that the feeling of the bile was not only uncomfortable in my stomach, but that my personality and even how I looked was changing. 

Picture Agent Smith (in The Matrix) engulfing Neo with an invisible cloak while controlling his vagus nerve.

Through much trial-and-error and with refusal to accept a lifelong illness, I found that I was not just suffering from gastritis, but there was a disconnect between my vagus nerve and my bioplasmic energy (the electricity or soul that defines me). 

This means that my parasympathetic nervous system, designed to induce rest, digestion, and feelings of bliss, was dysfunctional.  

According to Dr Navaz Habib, the vagus nerve does the following:

1. In the brain, it helps control anxiety and mood

2. In the gut, it increases stomach acidity, gut flow/motility, and other digestive enzyme production

3. In the heart, it controls heart rate variability, heart rate, and blood pressure.

4. In the pancreas, it controls blood sugar balance and digestive enzymes

5. In the liver, it controls bile production and detoxification through hepatic phase 1 and phase 2 conjugation

6. In the gall bladder, it controls bile release to help break down fats

7. In the kidneys, it promotes general function including water balance, glucose control, and sodium excretion which helps control blood pressure

8. In the bladder, it controls voiding of urine

9. In the spleen, it helps to reduce inflammation

10. In the sex organs, it helps to control fertility and sexual pleasure including orgasms

11. In the mouth and tongue, it helps to control ability to taste and saliva production through salivary gland control

12. In the eyes, it activates tear production through the lacrimal glands

How I got healthy again

1. Drink plenty of water to wash away the burning sensation.

2. Eat once a day, after the sun has risen, around 10:30am. It’s very important to stick to rice and vegetables. Avoid inflammatory foods such as wheat, tea, coffee, sugar, legumes, meat, and dairy products.

The Dhaka Tribune has a fantastic article on the importance of an alkaline diet: (https://www.dhakatribune.com/feature/2016/06/27/think-before-you-act).

3. Namaz. Don’t miss any of the day’s namaz as it is a wonderful energy art to help rebuild the lost connection. 

If you examine the circadian rhythm of human beings (biological clock), you will notice that Muslims usually pray around the time of good physical coordination or high blood circulation.

4. Be active. Even when you don’t feel like moving, move. 

5. Don’t talk about your illness, instead focus on healing and believe that you will. 

6. Spend time in nature.

This Ramadan, let us find the ways to heal ourselves, and not merely wait for diagnoses and drugs. 

Shireen Pasha is a contributor.