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To be a better person

  • Published at 11:53 pm May 25th, 2018

Can our politicians learn the true value of Ramadan? 

From seeking forgiveness to forgiving people, this is the month which gives us the opportunity to have a new start in life. The holy month marks the first revelation of te Qur’an, and in several Hadiths, it has been mentioned numerous times that people should do good deeds, charity work, feed the poor, abstain from telling lies more during Ramadan. 

And of course, refrain from abusing and oppressing people. 

When discussing abuse and oppression, politics is inevitably an important issue to be looked upon. As the general election is going to take place at the end of this year, it is to be assumed that there will be some sort of mayhem. 

You may be wondering: What does Ramadan have to do with politics? The point is, do the politicians, who make the big decisions (which eventually affect the citizens), embrace the basic concept and purpose of this holy month? 

It is common to see politicians or aspiring politicians give speeches quoting religious texts, engage in milad mahfils, making promises to open more madrasas than schools at the time of elections. 

If these very certain people can parade as down-to-earth and tolerant people and perform certain deeds, then why can they not carry out the same actions beyond election time and Ramadan, and become genuinely better people? 

Furthermore, religions have always been for purposes of politics for decades on this soil, and politicians have used it especially during election time to achieve their own interests. It’s high time there was a change in political culture, and that politicians worked to become better human beings. 

The culture of aggression between political parties has taken the lives of too many in the past 40 years, and still people have failed to learn and change the hostile practice. 

There is a lack of mutual respect, understanding, and trust, and for these reasons, we have always regressed in our social development. And so, Ramadan is a very important month -- to learn the important aspects of life, control our greed for power and money, be tolerant towards others, and stop abuse. 

With the crucial election being near, I think we should not forget why God has bestowed on us this month for self-reflection once in a year. 

Let us all try to be better people by using Ramadan as a starting point to change for good. 

Sher A Naser Khan is studying law in the University of Derby.