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Effective communication in 6 steps

  • Published at 06:21 pm January 30th, 2018
  • Last updated at 06:59 pm January 30th, 2018
Effective communication in 6 steps
Quality of life depends primarily on how one communicates with others. This particular skill is the ultimate determinant in whether we succeed or fail. Studies have revealed that effective communication can solve nearly all of our daily problems, enhance clarity, and resolve disputes. Effective communication is a key factor in successful leadership and it determines how well or poorly a team performs. It is always wise to ask a few questions in order to challenge yourself -- whether or not you are doing the right thing. Let us consider the following approach in making our communication all the more effective. Why communicate It is of utmost importance to set the right tone of communication. We need to understand why the “communication” is taking place, in the first place If we are unsure about the context of the communication, there is every possibility that we may send out the wrong signals and/or to the wrong recipients. So, the communicator must be sure of the purpose and context for which the communication is taking place. And so, we have to ask: How necessary is the communication? What will be communicated After setting the right tone, it is now time to design and develop the content. Based on the “why” we should communicate, we will now determine the “what” to be communicated. Content that will be communicated needs to be “SMART” in nature: Simple, meaningful, appealing, realistic, and truthful. The content should be developed by keeping a sharp focus on “where” and to “whom” it will be communicated to ensure success of the planned communication. So, it comes down to: How SMART is the content being sent out to the target audience? Where the communication will take place The medium to be used for conveying the content of the communication largely depends on organizational arrangement. To that end, any communications planing requires keeping up with financial and budgetary needs of the company and/or business. The type of medium needs to be selected based on the content and context. It’s important to remember that using expensive mediums is not necessarily the most effective way to ensure successful communication, instead, strategic and tactical use of any given medium of communication will make it effective in reaching the highest number of a specific target audience. Thus, effective communication relies on: How efficiently the medium is chosen to convey the message. When to communicate Selection of time and situation is critical as it relates to the state of the mind of the individual/group being communicated to. There is a possibility that the same message might be interpreted differently due to the situational circumstances of a particular target audience -- and thus, it may dilute the essence of the content and the context. So, during the preparation of the communication plan, please do consider the situation, and determine a suitable time to transmit the message. Therefore, it is really about considering: How circumstances impact the acceptance of the communication.
Challenge yourself and find out about some alternative ways to communicate
Who to communicate with Again, the same message might have different meanings to different segments of the audience -- even at the same time and place. So, you must decide who is the right recipient of the message, relevant to time and place. Selecting the wrong target audience might dilute the essence of the message, as the audience might not be interested in the content of the information. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to decide on the right target audience while deciding the content, because it determines: How selecting the target audience impacts the success of the communication. Whether there are alternative ways of communication Challenge yourself and find out about some alternative ways to communicate, in order to confirm that the final communication method chosen is the most cost-effective and efficient way to reach the target audience. It is crucial to consider how we can challenge ourselves to find the most effective way of communication. Which leaves us with: How to challenge yourself for finding out the most effective way of communicating message. Finally, how we plan to implement the overall communication method is the most critical factor of effective communication. That’s where a communication plan plays the vital role in ensuring the accountability of the message. Selecting the right “W”s powered by the right “H”s can help  ensure effective communication in achieving your goals. Md Faisal Imtiaz Khan is Vice President, HR Business Partnering, Robi Axiata Limited.