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Ten commandments for Bangladesh

  • Published at 06:26 pm September 20th, 2017
  • Last updated at 07:37 pm September 20th, 2017
Ten commandments for Bangladesh
Bangladesh is on the spotlight of the international media with great acceptance, devoid of negativity. ONE: The country has shown the world that the good people of the Bengali civilisation are the right candidates to lead a benevolent South Asia and a sustainable world order in a distant future. Therefore, we must continue to raise voice for the uprooted, persecuted, and ethnically cleansed Rohingya refugees and give shelter, food, and medicine for as long as it takes to re-settle them back into their own country. An example the world will remember for generations. TWO: Bangladesh’s foreign policy was in a quandary, since our enemies and foes were not exposed and detected. As a Muslim-dominated country, we have come to know that imperialist West and the neo-imperialist China and Russia want us to die in slow motion, because such policy energises their effective population to support such modern-coated medieval empires. This horrific Rohingya geopolitical crisis also brings Bangladesh at the centre for a grand Islamic unity where imperial-designed Middle Eastern sectarianism does not work. It comes at a time when such a great Islamic unity can play an operational role for the welfare of oppressed Muslims. THREE: Within this present world order, a country cannot sustain its growth for long, if it doesn’t have an enemy or workable competitor. India has China, Russia has the US, and we have Myanmar. We have a ruthless enemy to deal with, and that will give us moral legitimacy to act as a competitor. Our civilisation should foster the objective to conquer Myanmar from all aspects, prioritising compassion and altruism. FOUR: We also have a great opportunity to unite our people who were divided for domestic political reasons; now we can unite them for an international humanitarian cause. If our state can channel this unity into its mechanisms and become a humanitarian state, the people will feel a psychological boost to develop the nation, and that nation will continue to contribute for a peaceful and harmonious world order. FIVE: Since all major imperial players are hawkish in their geo-political survival strategy, Bangladesh’s geographic position means it will be wooed by everybody, although some of them are now busy with appeasing the brutal murderous regime of Myanmar.
Bangladesh must remember that the country is not a war party here. The US-led West, Russia, India, and China are war parties since they have invested a lot to tap into Myanmar’s minerals
They will change sides when necessary. That’s how realpolitik works. Remember, they are wooing Suu Kyi and her collaborating ethnic cleansers because they think they are the sole extractors of Myanmar minerals, but they are not, and they do not care for Suu Kyi’s silence nor the people’s lives. Therefore, I do not see a good future for peace and stability in Myanmar, because the proxy wars between the super-power hyenas may tear the country apart. SIX: Bangladesh must remember that the country is not a war party here. The US-led West, Russia, India, and China are war parties since they have invested a lot to tap into Myanmar’s minerals. Hence, as we aim to offer these people refuge, we must not put our boots on the grounds of Myanmar for super powers imperial adventures. We must do our best only on humanitarian grounds. We have learned from several recent crises of the world that, if a major power plays in your backyard, it is better to watch, learn, and provide humanitarian services to those who need them. I would especially like to urge the Muslim community of Bangladesh to help the Rohingya on humanitarian ground. They need food, clothes, medicines, shelters, and basic survival facilities. Bring jihad of benevolence and goodwill. SEVEN: We must make Cox’s Bazar a secure and safe place for international journalists, when they come to cover news of Rohingya persecution and tragedy. Meanwhile, we must let them know the beauty of Bay of Bengal, and why Bangladesh will love to protect it. We must explore the opportunities of foreign media presence. EIGHT: We must create a controlled and tolerable geopolitical pressure on Myanmar through the international bodies. We shouldn’t issue direct threats to Myanmar or provoke Myanmar to strike first. If tensions rise, we must seek immediate suppression policy. When they go high, we will go low. And when they go low, we will go high. We must be ready to create strategic disruptions against Myanmar when needed. NINE: We have a chance to take our relationship to the next level with the Western world, which is the foundation of our RMG industry that contributes more than 80% of our foreign income. There were several Western development projects which were abandoned due to some policy-related misunderstanding. We can also pursue more Western investment if the relationship upgrades. TEN: We must keep good and continued relationship with neo-imperialist Russia and China, and our tactical friend India too. We have several projects with them. We must understand their strategy and manoeuvering so that we can keep them from getting in the way of Bangladesh’s national interest. Rajeev Ahmed is a geo-political analyst