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Faster, simpler, easier

  • Published at 06:42 pm March 21st, 2017
Faster, simpler, easier

The end of April will see PayPal finally coming to Bangladesh.

This is where the future is.

Steps such as these, which make financial transactions easier for the people of the country, are crucial as our nation moves towards achieving middle income status.

Our dreams of a Digital Bangladesh will mean little if online transactions are not simple and hassle-free for the various entrepreneurs and consumers who rely on them.

The deal, between Bangladesh Bank, Sonali Bank, and PayPal, will be extremely beneficial to the more than half a million freelancers and about 700 e-commerce websites which transfer money all across the world.

PayPal has already helped more than 200 million people in the world. It is high time that Bangladeshis joined them.

This not only means convenience for businesses, but also security. The new deal will also make the remittance inflow both easier and faster.

PayPal’s presence in Bangladesh will undoubtedly open countless doors to newer and more versatile forms of business which will no longer be stifled by physical boundaries.

It is hoped that the deal with PayPal comes through without delay and that all stake-holders take part in ensuring that the process is a smooth and safe one.

This can truly help us achieve new heights in terms of e-commerce, expanding our trade, and pushing us into the global shared market -- providing our economy with a further layer of sustainability.

This is one step among many that will help propel Bangladesh into the future.