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Dhaka Tribune

New voice for a changing Bangladesh

Update : 18 Apr 2013, 03:53 PM


We believe that Bangladesh is changing. Even amidst the hartals and the political tensions, we believe, that looking at the great arc of history, that Bangladesh is heading in the right direction.

All around us we see a new-found sense of confidence, a can-do attitude, a feeling that Bangladesh can, should be, and is second to none, that as a nation we are ready to take our place at the table on equal footing and with an equal voice as everyone else. We feel that ours is a Bangladesh ready to make its mark in the world.

We all believe passionately in Bangladesh, and it is this passion and this belief that will guide us in this endeavor and that you will see reflected in our pages every day.

We believe in Bangladesh and we believe that our fellow countrymen and women, for all our grumbles and complaints and criticisms, feel the same way.

We want to be the voice of this confidence, this belief, this change that we see sweeping through society. We want to be a platform for new voices, new ideas, new ways of looking at the world and interacting with it. Change is coming to Bangladesh and we want to be the voice of that change.

We can’t promise you good news every day. Sadly, sometimes the events of the day do not cooperate with such a sunny vision. But we can promise you that the Dhaka Tribune will dig deeper to find those stories that make us proud of our country and glad to be Bangladeshi.

As all newspapers must, we will criticise when we deem it necessary, and call the accountable to account. But our critiques will always come from a place of profound respect and from the belief that Bangladesh is capable of the very best and that Bangladeshis deserve the very best. This is the spirit that will infuse the Dhaka Tribune.



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