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Need for Law and Order

Update : 01 Apr 2013, 06:00 PM

Members of Jamaat-e-Islami and its student wing, Islami Chhatri Shibir, have taken cop bashing to an entirely new level of terrifying proportions. The headlines blare of increasingly frequent and brutal attacks on the police, who are only doing what they were hired to do – catching the bad guys, bringing them to justice, and protecting the public – but continue to be grossly outmanned and outgunned by the vicious maelstrom that is Jamaat and Shibir. Because of this terrorising aspect, the government needs to take a strong line in support of law enforcement.

Notwithstanding the bad seeds among police officers, their corrupt activities, or our proclivity for railing against them, the fact remains that not everyone in law enforcement is corrupt. Most officers are merely trying to do their job under very difficult circumstances but are paid a mere pittance for it. All the more reason for the government to stand in support of its law enforcement officers.

In January, the public were besieged by images and reports of Jamaat and Shibir shooting at police, and hurling grenades at them, while the officers, grossly outnumbered, folded in the attacks. Recent reports are in a similar vein, though more intense. Note the audacity of Shibir in assaulting an officer, snatching his rifle, helmet and walkie-talkie, and then beating him with sticks and bricks after the officer lost consciousness, and this in a clash in Rajshahi on Monday morning. One of many clashes that have taken place thus far.

This is an escalation of the violence Jamaat and Shibir have unleashed, and the government must take a tougher stance. Bear in mind that these officers are the only ones preventing Jamaat and Shibir from having their way and causing utter pandemonium, something the government cannot, and must not allow to happen at any cost.



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