• Friday, Apr 10, 2020
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Moving towards our goals

  • Published at 10:56 pm February 21st, 2020

When it comes to climate action, inequality, and peace and justice, we have fallen woefully short

While Bangladesh accomplished the Millenium Development Goals with much aplomb, when it comes to the Sustainable Development Goals, unfortunately, we have been lagging behind. 

According to a recent report, in terms of progress towards achieving the SDGs, Bangladesh is ranked 116th, falling behind all South Asian countries, apart from Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Considering Bangladesh’s economic progress over the last decade, and our true potential as a nation, this should not be the case. But that is not to say we have failed -- in fact, in the areas of responsible consumption and production, hunger, health, and clean water and sanitation, Bangladesh has fared quite well. 

But, when it comes to climate action, inequality, and peace and justice, we have fallen woefully short, and the rate of progress in other areas is nowhere near enough to ensure that we meet these goals by 2030. 

A major issue remains the lack of funds, especially when it comes to battling the adverse effects of climate change, and the international community must do its part in ensuring that developing nations such as ours are not left to fend for themselves.

But that is merely part of the problem. Almost all of the SDGs, being interconnected, require a holistic approach, and this means that all governmental departments, as well as the private sector, have a role to play. 

Our journey forward is clear: We must, constantly and tirelessly, strengthen our resilience against climate change, uphold the rule of law at all costs, and ensure that all citizens, especially the marginalized, are protected, their rights recognized and upheld.