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Fires cannot become the new normal

  • Published at 10:57 pm February 16th, 2020
Narayanganj fire

Fires have become just another everyday tragedy

Fires have become so frequent in this country of ours that, unfortunately, it no longer comes as a surprise when one rages across a neighbourhood and all but burns it to the ground.

This is truly a sad state of affairs, and the latest fire -- at a Narayanganj slum -- is testament to the fact that fires have become just another everyday tragedy that the Bangladeshi people have to put up with. 

As of writing, there had been no casualties. However, so far, 50 structures have been gutted by the flames, causing irrevocable damage to the area and leaving dozens of people without a home. 

Such tragedies are indicative of a culture of negligence and apathy: Negligent of the decisions which lead to such incidents, and an apathy for the people who inevitably suffer as a result. 

If we wish to recognize ourselves as a nation that values each and every life, then such a culture must come to an end. 

The authorities must keep their priorities straight and ensure that whoever was responsible for the fire -- be it it intentional or accidental -- is brought to book.

But this will only happen when investigations are carried out in a way that seek to establish the cause of the fire, and, additionally, steps are taken to ensure that such incidents do not occur again in the future. 

Our nation has progressed beyond what anyone had once imagined possible. But this progress will mean little if such incidents continue to mar the success we have achieved.