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Time to vote

  • Published at 11:57 pm January 31st, 2020
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The outcome of the elections today will determine the future of the city

The much-anticipated DNCC and DSCC elections are today. 

With a little over 5.8 million people eligible to vote in the elections, it is of paramount importance that we as citizens remember the power we wield as members of a democracy. 

Oftentimes, we neglect our civic responsibilities come Election Day, and forget that we have a role to play in its continued success in the future.

The vote we cast today is the first vessel of democracy, truly forming the basis on which the entire nation runs, giving power to us as individuals to ensure that our voices are heard in the direction we take in the future. 

Certain untoward incidents in the past may have shaken our confidence in the electoral process, but that is no excuse for not participating in the hallowed tradition of voting, which, at the end of the day, will remain the first step towards realizing the change we wish to see in our city and, indeed, the country.

Yes, there have been failures in the past from people we have trusted and there will be in the future too, but we cannot let our faith in our democracy shake.

The outcome of the elections today will determine the future of the city. As such, it is incumbent on us as residents of Dhaka to partake in who runs this city in the future. 

We must keep fighting to ensure that this very democracy continues to be respected and that its fire keeps on burning.