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Violence cannot rule our political landscape

  • Published at 11:00 pm January 27th, 2020
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Photo: Focus Bangla

Violence will not be allowed to define the way our city, and indeed our nation, is run

When has violence ever been the answer to a country’s problems? 

Unfortunately, there seems to be a significant portion of the politically affiliated who still believe that it is perfectly acceptable for them to use violence as a means to make a statement.

This has become evident in the series of clashes which have taken place over the last week, with multiple people injured, including some journalists who are now seeking treatment. 

With the capital’s mayoral election campaigns under way, it is nothing short of a tragedy that violence has become such an integral part of these campaigns for many. 

We urge our political leaders, law enforcement, and, most of all, the party candidates to instruct their followers to not resort to violence.

Now that we are in the final week before the elections, to be held on February 1, such unruly behaviour and unchecked violence threatens to derail all the work being put in by the candidates.

Bangladesh has come too far and has achieved too much in the past decade to let its democratic values be shattered at the hands of hooligans, and we must utilize every resource to ensure that this message is clear: Violence will not be tolerated and it will not be allowed to define the way our city, and indeed our nation, is run going forward.

It must be remembered that acts of violence affect all of us and, at the end of the day, is a non-partisan issue. All of us benefit from peaceful elections and the values on which Bangladesh’s democratic system was established being upheld. 

There can no longer be any tolerance for those who continue to think that violence can be a solution to Bangladesh’s woes.