• Wednesday, Feb 26, 2020
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A moral victory that should lead to a real one

  • Published at 11:00 pm January 23rd, 2020

No one, regardless of party affiliation, wants to win like this

In a unanimous decision, the International Court of Justice has ruled that Myanmar must do everything in its power to ensure that no more harm is done to its Rohingya population and preserve the evidence of the crimes that have been carried out against them. 

While the ICJ does not have the authority to enforce the ruling, this is a damning statement against all that the Myanmar have done against the Rohingya people, and is the first proper step towards ensuring that justice is finally served.

For the longest time, not only has Myanmar denied its role in the persecution of the Rohingya -- what the ICJ deems to have been with “genocidal intent” -- its denial has been supported all too often by the silence of the international community.

No more. 

Human rights expert Professor John Packer has said that this verdict, which was brought to the ICJ’s attention by Gambia, is an extremely important one, one with far-reaching consequences. 

And we cannot help but agree. This decision will pave the way towards the Security Council which, unlike the ICJ, can be more proactive in its approach towards bringing justice to Myanmar. 

As experts have said, it is time for Bangladesh and the international community to stand behind the Rohingya people and ensure that Myanmar pays for the horrendous crimes it has committed against an entire people.

The ICJ’s ruling was a good first step. Let us now work towards the next.