• Wednesday, Feb 26, 2020
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Myanmar will be made to answer for its crimes

  • Published at 12:00 am January 18th, 2020

Already there are mountains of evidence that show the human rights abuses

It is good to see the ball rolling, finally.

Now that the International Criminal Court has started its investigations into the atrocities perpetrated by the Myanmar army on its own Rohingya population, there is a ray of hope that the crisis will come to a resolution in the foreseeable future.

This ICC team’s role is to gather as much evidence as possible from different sources to aid in the prosecution. Simultaneously, the United Nations is moving forward with its own proceedings at the International Court of Justice, which is set to rule on provisional measures on January 23.

This is what was needed: Concrete action from the international community to bring to book those responsible for these appalling crimes against an entire ethnic group. 

Indeed, already there are mountains of evidence that show the human rights abuses. From burned-down villages, to mass graves in Rakhine state, to photographic evidence, to victim and witness testimonials, no one can continue to doubt the suffering and the persecution of the Rohingya community.

Bangladesh did the right thing by letting the Rohingya in, and providing them with security and sustenance, but a refugee camp cannot be a permanent solution -- Myanmar must be made to answer for why this exodus took place in the first place, and change its ways so that the killing and persecution stops.

The Rohingya population deserve to be able to go back home, and they deserve justice for the atrocities they have been subjected to. There is now reason to hope that the wheels of justice are moving in the right direction.