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Looking to creative solutions from young minds

  • Published at 12:00 am January 18th, 2020
Fire Fighting Robot
Members of the team "LH Hunter"pose with their robot at EEE department Dhaka Tribune

The multi-functional fire-fighting robot has been built with obstacle avoiding sensors and cameras

Last year, the nation witnessed a series of fires in the capital -- from slums being razed to the ground to high-rise buildings and factories being gutted to the point of in-operability.

Needless to say, fire safety -- and indeed safety and security in general -- is one area in which we are yet to make substantial, tangible progress.

To that end, it is good to know that there are indeed those among us who are tackling the issue with the gravity and importance it deserves, and, once again, it is the students of Bangladesh who have stepped up.

Students from Sylhet’s Leading University are in the process of developing a robot that can detect fires and take measures to put them out. Part of their course project, the multi-functional fire-fighting robot has been built with obstacle avoiding sensors and cameras, so that it can operate through debris and will notify its operator if there is any fire.

This is the kind of forward thinking that we unfortunately see very little of when it comes to fixing some the more persistent problems in the country.

While using technology and automation to detect hazards is nothing new, for a city that is prone to frequent accidents and other safety-related issues, this is exactly the kind of progressive solutions we need.

There is very little reason to believe that, going forward, incidences of fires and construction-related disasters are going to die down by themselves. Dhaka is a burgeoning city that is developing at an accelerated pace, and that means increased chances of man-made disasters.

We commend the students of Leading University for not only taking the issue of fire safety into account, but also showing that creative solutions are what we need to fix it.