• Monday, Feb 24, 2020
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Paying up for the climate

  • Published at 02:17 pm January 17th, 2020
Global warming

It is important and necessary for all stake-holders to join forces

There is no doubt that climate change is, and will remain, the most pertinent global issue of the 21st century.

For Bangladesh, it is extremely important that we take the challenges climate change will pose with the utmost seriousness -- we are already listed among the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change, and without adequate preparation, that could get even worse.

To that end, it is encouraging to see that there are initiatives underway to combat such a situation from happening; Brac and the German Development Bank (KfW) have jointly launched a Climate Bridge Fund (CBF) of 11.735 million euros, with an aim to overcome climate induced vulnerability.

These are the sort of initiatives we wish to see from our organizations, and kudos to Brac for leading the charge.

The fund has been formed with an aim to finance the continuation and scale-up of successful pilot projects to guide these into financial sustainability, using innovative ideas for self-sustaining projects and operations and maintenance of essential urban infrastructure.

The government must also continue to do its part, and the Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan should go a long way to help the country increase its capacity for fighting climate change.

Alongside, with all the problems our country will no doubt face in the near future due to climate change -- including population displacement, increased soil salinity, and an overall degradation of the environmental balance -- it is important and necessary for all stake-holders to join forces.