• Wednesday, Feb 26, 2020
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On the digital highway

  • Published at 02:16 pm January 17th, 2020

A digital revolution will not be complete unless and until our entire population has access to the internet

Bangladesh is well on its way to achieving its digital dreams, as is evident from the Digital Bangladesh Mela 2020, which kicked off in the capital on Thursday.

The next generation of internet technology is upon us, and the fact is, we need to be ready for it. This means having the right infrastructure in place, as well as ensuring internet connectivity throughout the country.

A digital revolution will not be complete unless and until our entire population, more or less, has access to the internet: After all, the internet is the great equalizer, and can carry services and opportunities to remote corners of the country.

We have already seen the results of mobile banking, which have been nothing short of revolutionary, spreading financial inclusion to far corners of the country, and lifting up those who have for a long time been deprived of traditional banking services.

Internet connectivity, similarly, can propel us into the future, as well as help us keep up with the rest of the world. No longer do our businesses have to follow the old brick-and-mortar model, with internet entrepreneurship not only enabling more people to start businesses, but indeed changing the very nature of business itself.

Some of the developments that come with a more connected Bangladesh may seem frightening, but we, as a nation, must adapt. We must, along with embracing new technologies, also recognize the value of digital freedoms.

After all, a free internet, like the press, is a powerful component of a well-functioning democracy.