• Tuesday, Feb 25, 2020
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Banning plastic is the right idea

  • Published at 11:25 pm January 7th, 2020
plastic polltution-students protest mehedi
Photo: Mehedi Hasan/Dhaka Tribune

For too long, the unchecked use of plastic has wreaked havoc on our country

It is encouraging to see the High Court issue an order earlier this week, directing the authorities to issue a ban on single-use plastic products in coastal areas, hotels, and restaurants across Bangladesh within the next one year.

Additionally, it was good to see the reiteration of banning the use of polythene bags. Since 2002, the use of polythene  has been illegal, but its widespread use shows that little has been done up to this point to uphold this ban.

Indeed, it has been the implementation of our laws that has been an issue for us across sectors -- often we do have the right laws in place but when it comes to the implementation of these laws, we continue to fall short and this cannot be the norm moving forward.

For too long, the unchecked use of plastic has wreaked havoc on our country. For a country such as Bangladesh that is already so vulnerable to the effects of climate change, this reckless use of plastic is only adding to our woes.

From destroying our marine bio-diversity and resources to clogging our drainage systems and roads, the use of plastic and polythene has done nothing but exacerbate the overall quality of our local environment.

Therefore, while the directive from the HC is a good and necessary first step, it is absolutely crucial for the authorities to be able to successfully implement the order, and slowly phase out single use plastic and polythene from the country.