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Dhaka needs a better action plan

  • Published at 11:52 pm January 2nd, 2020
Photo: Rajib Dhar

The evil of air pollution has been a source of misery for people of the city

With the city council polls coming up, residents of the capital are naturally anxious about the policies our new mayors will come up with, as well as the tangible outcomes of those policies.

To say the least, Dhaka city is not a very pleasant metropolis for people to live in. The nation has grown economically at an admirable pace in the last few years, and signs of that growth are visible all over the capital. But sadly, as the city has grown, in many ways so has the misery of the average Dhaka resident.

For example, the much-hyped metro rail project promises to make life easier in the near future, but in the meantime, traffic congestion and air pollution due to construction work has increased around the capital. While it makes sense that residents need to be patient for the fruits of such development work to arrive, it cannot be denied that hardship is being caused to city dwellers in the meantime.

When it comes to construction projects -- and this is not applicable to just large infrastructural projects but to all construction -- we need better methods of containment, so that their effects on everyday life are kept to a minimum.

The evil of air pollution has also been a source of misery for people of the city for a very long time, and needs to be addressed. Empty promises will not do: We need solid commitment to reduce the levels of dust in the city. This problem is, of course, closely related to the abovementioned problem of construction projects. It is a fact that construction work generates the most dust in our city -- in the air pollution front coming second only to our detrimental brick kilns.

Leading Dhaka is a tall order, and this job will not be possible without a better action plan than the ones we have had before.