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Keep up the fight against corruption

  • Published at 11:25 pm December 22nd, 2019

For too long, corruption has remained a thorn in the side of our progress

It is reassuring to hear the words of Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader, who has stated clearly that drives against corruption will continue in the country.  

As Bangladesh inches ever closer to turning a corner in its journey as a sovereign nation, it has been the toxic practice of corruption -- which has in turn acted as a catalyst in our culture of impunity -- that has proven to be among the most serious of deterrents, a fact that few can deny.

To that end, the authorities concerned must be commended for recognizing that we indeed have a problem of corruption within our society, be it in our bureaucracy, governance, or just everyday practices.

Additionally, it is also commendable that, instead of resorting to complaints, there looks to be an urgency to come up with solution-seeking initiatives -- such as the drives mentioned previously -- that will help combat this problem.

However, fighting corruption in our country will take nothing less than a concerted effort from everyone; the general public must be also be made to understand that corruption and illegal practices are unacceptable, and those who engage in them will be held to account.

Not only that -- it is only when we collectively recognize the sustained damage corruption causes to the fabric of any economy and society will we even begin to stand a chance of combating it.

For too long, corruption has remained a thorn in the side of our progress, and it is about time we eliminated this problem, once and for all.