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Helping ideas grow

  • Published at 11:53 pm December 20th, 2019

The road to success for most start-ups is a particularly perilous one

In a rapidly changing world, young entrepreneurs and innovators need all the encouragement and support they can get in order to bring their visions to life. After all, they are the ones who will lead us into the future, and make sure Bangladesh stay competitive in 2020 and onwards.

That is why it is so good to see UNDP partner up with Citi Foundation to create Youth Co-Lab, which aims to provide a platform for budding business leaders, easing our way into achieving our sustainable development goals.

It is also heartening that this initiative, which is all about empowering and investing in young people, has the blessings of the government. ICT State Minister Zunaid Ahmed Palak was present at the event, and reaffirmed that the government was “keen to build a start-up eco-system through incubation, technical support, resources, and idea-sharing platforms.”

Bangladesh needs this support now more than ever, because the sad fact is, the country is not an easy place for doing business, and the road to success for most start-ups is a particularly perilous one. As things stand, too much bureaucracy, corruption, and inefficiency hurt our business, and discourage would-be entrepreneurs from pursuing their visions.

A brief glimpse at the economic history of this country shows that it is the private sector that has driven this country forward, and made our economy a force to be reckoned with. As we march into the future, we must embrace fresh ways of thinking, including new models of business, and it is the dynamism of our young entrepreneurs that will help us make this necessary transition.

Let us stand behind them the best we can.