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Bringing an end to human trafficking

  • Published at 12:04 am December 20th, 2019
Human trafikking boat water

There is absolutely no excuse for human trafficking to continue to be a reality in Bangladesh

It is an unacceptable tragedy that, ever year, thousands of people, especially women and children, are victims of human trafficking in Bangladesh.

These people go on to enter the modern slave trade, which generates more than $150 billion worldwide, a figure that is at once shocking and hard to digest. 

This is a crime so heinous that any excuse for its continued existence cannot be fathomed and, for Bangladesh, this business is widespread enough to require immediate attention.

In 2018 alone, around 250,000 Rohingya escaped the country using fake Bangladeshi passports -- who knows how many among them now find themselves engaged in horrifying acts of human slavery, much like thousands of others from the rest of the world who find themselves in similar conditions? 

In this regard, it is encouraging to hear the prime minister recently urge members of the Border Guard to ensure that human trafficking becomes a thing of the past.

What we hope now is for the authorities to pay heed to the PM’s words and ensure that this comes true. As long as there is political will and the police continue to do their jobs, there is absolutely no excuse for human trafficking to continue to be a reality in Bangladesh.

The exploitation of human beings is one of the worst crimes imaginable and we hope that there is nothing that will stop our law enforcement from bringing human trafficking to a complete end.