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All children have the right to go to school

  • Published at 11:58 pm December 14th, 2019
Photo: Latif Hussain

Every child has the right to an education

Every child, regardless of their social, racial, or economic background, has the right to an education.

Therefore, it is disappointing to know that, since the mass influx of Rohingya refugees into Bangladesh from Rakhine state over two years ago, their children -- along with many children from the host community in Cox’s Bazar -- are not getting an education due to a lack of resources.

While there is no doubt that Bangladesh deserves the plaudits received for going above and beyond to shelter the Rohingya, with the possibility of a swift repatriation back to Myanmar looking more unlikely than ever, the Rohingya children -- of which there are close to half a million in the camps -- cannot continuously be denied an education.

To that end, while Bangladesh too has a responsibility to seek solutions to this issue, the international community -- which has often disappointed with its lack of initiative -- must step up and help Bangladesh tackle this problem.

According to reports, Bangladesh has not received less than half of the required funds for educating the Rohingya children and children of the host community; while this has to change and adequate funding is integral, there must be concrete efforts made to at least begin the process of educating these children.

Education, far from being a burden, has shown to lift entire communities and it is about time the local authorities and the international community prioritized its importance or risk depriving hundreds of thousands of children of the education that they deserve.