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Shaping up public education

  • Published at 12:03 am December 13th, 2019

These public institutions have all too often gotten away with unethical practices

It is good to see the UGC do the right thing.

The recent directive to impose restrictions on certain questionable practices of public universities is definitely a commendable one.

These restrictions have, most significantly, targeted evening classes, which for the longest time have been operating as nothing more than a cash cow for specific departments, providing sub-par degrees with the name of our esteemed public universities attached to them.

These public institutions have all too often gotten away with unethical practices, and it is high time that the University Grants Commission put these institutions under the scanner in the same way it has done with private universities. 

It is also encouraging to note the Commission’s overall willingness to bring regulations to public universities, with the permission of the UGC now mandatory to begin new courses in the future. 

We must remember that these public institutions have, in the past, nurtured the greatest minds in our history, and it would be a shame for us to allow the quality of education to deteriorate and for their names to be tarnished. 

Already, there have been multiple issues which have sprung up with our tertiary public education system -- as we saw with the fracas regarding question paper leaks - and the UGC would do well to ensure a stricter implementation of guidelines to keep these institutions from losing focus on their primary purpose of providing quality education. 

As the UGC has rightfully expressed, we need more transparency in these institutions, and we hope their new guidelines will be the first step towards making our public institutions even better than they were in the past.