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Bracing for the future

  • Published at 12:04 am December 9th, 2019
Technology Robot

We need to take immediate steps towards transforming our economic make-up 

As Bangladesh progresses as an economy, it is only natural for the make-up of its workforce to also progress.

With increased digitalization and automation, it stands to reason that such progress will invariably have an adverse impact on employment -- as close to 40% of the nation’s total employment could disappear. That is the conclusion that was reached at a seminar conducted by the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

While generating more employment within existing fields of industry has been a priority for us as a nation in the here and now, we need to start making this a priority moving forward.

The future is most definitely digital, and the government has committed to such a future through its Digital Bangladesh initiative.

But simply focusing on our digital infrastructure won’t be enough.

We need to take immediate steps towards transforming our economic make-up into being more knowledge-based along with our current skills-based trajectory.

With close to 40% of all jobs under the threat of being lost to increasing automation in the coming decades, we need to brace for the future and take effective measures to keep up.

One of those ways could be the introduction of more ICT-related subjects into our national curricula. The current government has already shown a great deal of commitment towards ICT, and the only natural step is to integrate it more deeply within our education system.

Bangladesh is progressing at an unprecedented rate, and the only way we can sustain that progress is to become a more knowledge-based economy.