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A great step for Digital Bangladesh

  • Published at 11:13 pm November 30th, 2019

There is no alternative but to continue to invest in our ICT sector

The inauguration of the National Data Centre is a watershed moment for Bangladesh’s ICT sector, and brings us even closer towards realizing the government’s vision of a Digital Bangladesh.

The four-tier centre at Bangabandhu High Tech City, Gazipur appears to be the world’s seventh largest such ICT facility -- a testament to the justified importance being placed on our ICT sector, for which our government and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina must be applauded.

There is little doubt that Bangladesh has been experiencing tremendous economic growth over the past decade or so, and the present government’s Digital Bangladesh manifesto has undoubtedly been one of its cornerstones.

In the past, Bangladesh has needed to look to international data centres for the storage of its data, which naturally came at a huge cost to the country, but which was an unavoidable expense.

However, with the new data centre, this will no longer be the case; not only will it help save money by no longer needing to pay exorbitant fees for international data centres, it will generate income for the country.

This is the sort of progress our country requires, through initiatives that help us transform something that used to be an expenditure into an income.

Our improved digital infrastructure will continue to be a major factor in attracting foreign investment, and if Bangladesh is to truly fulfill its potential as an economy, then there is no alternative but to continue to invest in our ICT sector.