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Ditch the plastic to save the planet

  • Published at 11:54 pm November 21st, 2019

Bangladesh has a chance to play a major part in the reduction of plastic pollution

Plastic pollution is a problem that plagues the entire world, and Bangladesh is no exception.

In spite of laws designed to get rid of polythene bags -- one of our main sources of plastic pollution -- and in spite of the existence of so many viable alternatives like jute and reusable cloth bags, the problem persists.

In our capital city alone, a staggering amount of plastic waste, amounting to thousands of tons, are generated every year, which cause a wide variety of problems to our eco-system -- drainage systems are clogged, wildlife habitats are damaged, rivers are contaminated.

It goes without saying that action is required, and as such, it is wonderful to see that a team of the National Geographic Society called “Planet of Plastic?” has made its second trip to Bangladesh to begin the second phase of the Padma River expedition, which aims to find solutions to the plastic crisis.

This mission stands to increase the total body of scientific knowledge on plastic pollution, and could fill in gaps in our understanding when it comes to plastic flow, load, and composition by documenting the flow of plastic waste from the river to the sea. 

For the longest time in human history, it was believed that the ocean could not be polluted in any significant way, since it was so vast. But today we stand corrected, and we must pool our resources to undo the damage we have caused by polluting our water-bodies and other natural resources through irresponsible consumption habits.

Bangladesh has a chance to play a major part in the reduction of plastic pollution, and set a positive example for other developing nations.