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To be serious about safety

  • Published at 12:05 am November 18th, 2019
web-chittagong gas pipeline

This was a tragedy that could have been easily avoided

In any developed nation, administrative negligence is not acceptable, and it definitely cannot be become the norm, especially when it comes to the safety of its citizens. 

Unfortunately, despite all the tangible progress we have made as a nation -- whether economically or infrastructurally -- it seems that when it comes to safety, all too often we are okay with “the way things are,” and do little to improve the situation.

This is exactly what happened in Chittagong, where a gas pipeline explosion in a five-storied building took the lives of at least seven and injured at least 15 others. 

The fact that this was due to a leakage in the gas riser, which should have been outside, is indicative of the negligence shown when it comes to ensuring that our cities boast buildings which are structurally sound.

This was a tragedy that could have been easily avoided, if only the authorities charged with the responsibility of guaranteeing the safety of structures had not been negligent and carried out their jobs.

At the end of the day, the buck stops there, not with the citizens but the authorities, who must take a more thorough approach towards safety and understand that there can be no compromise.

We cannot continue to prioritize monetary benefits over safety as we have done so up until this point, and this culture is not only pervasive amongst construction but in other sectors of our society, most prominently our roads and highway infrastructure. 

This explosion must be investigated and anyone found to be responsible for the negligence which led to such a catastrophe to take place must be punished.

It is the only way we can show that we are serious about safety.

We mourn the lives that were lost in this entirely avoidable tragedy.