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No clean air to breathe

  • Published at 12:02 am November 18th, 2019
Dhaka air pollution
File photo: Bangladesh, one of the most densely-populated countries in the world, has been struggling with air pollution for a long time, while Dhaka has continued to rank among the most polluted cities Mehedi Hasan/Dhaka Tribune

Thousands of deaths are caused directly as a result of our unclean air

It is no secret that Dhaka has a very serious air pollution problem, and has had one for years now.

Just yesterday, Dhaka’s air quality once again ranked as the worst in the world, according to the Air Quality Index, posting a score of 194.

Throughout the dry winter season, Dhaka consistently ranks as having the worst air quality in the world, and the question must be raised: When are we going to do something about this?

It is a matter of shame that we must be wary and cautious of the very air we breathe in -- studies have time and again confirmed how a city’s air pollution wreaks havoc on the health of its citizens.

For us, every year, thousands of deaths are caused directly as a result of our unclean air -- and it is about time we do something to prevent these deaths, and think about the health and well-being of our people.

Chief among the culprits remain the brick kilns which surround Dhaka, and, along with the overall industrialization, urbanization, infrastructural development, and the burning of waste during the winter season, there needs to be serious changes if we are to truly be rid of this problem.

While there may be initiatives taken to tackle this issue, we are yet to see any concrete results, and until the issue of air quality is treated with the absolute priority that it deserves to be, it is the people that will suffer.