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Let’s hear it for Gambia

  • Published at 12:05 am November 14th, 2019
Rohingya persecution
Photo: Reuters

It is time for the richer, and more influential nations of the world to follow Gambia’s example

At a time when so many powerful nations of the world are still unable to take decisive action against Myanmar’s human rights abuses of the Rohingya community, it is incredibly heartening to see Gambia step up and do the right thing.  

Gambia is the smallest country in continental Africa, and is not known for having too much global clout, and yet, the country has filed a lawsuit at the top court of the United Nations accusing Myanmar of genocide against Rohingya Muslims.

This is an unprecedented move, and deserves to be applauded.

What makes Gambia’s pro-activeness even more impressive is the fact that Myanmar is located some 11,000km away from Gambia; furthermore, Gambia lacks any obvious geo-political connection to Myanmar. 

It is time for the richer, and more influential nations of the world to follow Gambia’s example, and unite in putting pressure on Myanmar to stop the killing -- quite simply, Myanmar’s regime must be held accountable for the crimes it has committed against the Rohingya, causing nearly a million to flee to Bangladesh.

Praise must be given to Gambia’s Attorney General and Justice Minister Abubacarr M Tambadou, who personally visited a refugee camp in Bangladesh last year, and sees clear parallels between the plight of the Rohingya and the ethnic cleansing in Rwanda, which wiped out 800,000 lives in a matter of 100 days.

It is tragic when the world fails to learn from history, and Gambia refuses to forget the atrocities of the past. The rest of the world should also not forget the horrific consequences of inaction.