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Child care is a step towards equality

  • Published at 12:01 am November 8th, 2019
Mother and child

Employers should consider providing child care options, as it will help attract quality female employees

A recent survey has revealed that most companies in Bangladesh do not offer child care options to their employees. 

Needless to say, this makes life very difficult for women to effectively participate in the workplace. Without such facilities, those with young children are cannot engage with their careers fully and must be constantly preoccupied with arranging quality care for their children, which is hard to come by. The same can be applied to fathers entrusted with the care of children.

The simple truth is that providing employees with child care is beneficial for all parties involved. When employer-supported child care is provided, physical and cognitive outcomes for children are improved, and employment opportunities for women and men with such responsibilities increases and, most importantly, productivity and profits of the companies are boosted. 

Even strictly from a business perspective, this should be done, because it has repeatedly been proven that improving facilities for employees boosts company morale and contribute better for their organization.

But from an equality standpoint, there is no denying that lack of access to good quality, affordable child care is a major obstacle to women’s participation in the labour force, because women usually bear a disproportionate share of child care responsibilities.

Currently, companies with more than 40 female employees are legally required to offer child care options, but the law is often unenforced. 

We need to do better. 

Employers should consider providing child care options, as it will help attract quality female employees, and that is a win-win. Employer-supported child care policies are a net benefit for the business, society, and the economy overall.

When it comes to child care, when cannot afford to trail behind other countries any longer.