• Tuesday, Dec 10, 2019
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For a more inclusive economy

  • Published at 12:01 am November 4th, 2019

We can ensure that each and every Bangladeshi citizen can find and generate employment

Among the more commendable initiatives by the government has been to give rural economy its due, and not merely focus on urban development.

Progress cannot come through focusing on a specific area or a specific group of people, and must be inclusive, considering the role of every Bangladeshi and how they can contribute to this nation’s overall development. 

In this regard, we appreciate the PM’s statements that the government wants “to make the rural economy stronger” and provide them with the facilities to ensure that people in the villages can have more sustainable livelihoods. 

This can be done through ensuring that people in rural areas have access to certain services, such as improved sanitation, better communications systems such as the internet, and adequate health care facilities which contribute towards a more robust economy and a more sustainable lifestyle.

In fact, such incentives also move us closer to decentralizing our economic landscape, which is currently focused on one or two key urban areas, with hundreds and thousands of people migrating to cities every year. 

By diversifying our focus when it comes to economic activity, we can ensure that each and every Bangladeshi citizen can find and generate employment wherever they are currently situated, and our cities too do not suffer from overpopulation and congestion.

To a great extent, the government has already made great strides in providing these services to the rural populace, and we hope this continues to be a priority in the future.

Spreading the fruits of development around so as to be more inclusive will be a necessary step to making sure that our country’s progress sustains its upward trajectory.