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With a little help from our friends

  • Published at 12:04 am October 31st, 2019

There remains tremendous untapped potential that could be realized through cooperation

There is little doubt that, when it comes to sustained economic prosperity of any nation, cooperation -- particularly regional cooperation -- is an absolute necessity.

To that end, it was good to see recognition for the need to collaborate at a roundtable on Tuesday, organized by the South East Asian Cooperation (Seaco) Foundation and World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF).

While Bangladesh -- and the entire region of South and Southeast Asia -- has made significant economic strides in recent times, there remains tremendous untapped potential that could be realized through the cooperation between the different nations in the region.

This is of particular importance to our country, and a majority of our sectors and institutions, ranging from infrastructure to trade to tourism, could experience significant benefits with the learning that comes from the connection established between nations within the regions concerned.

Furthermore, there will also be a positive impact on the development of skills, as well as new opportunities, for our entire workforce -- who are often eager but lack the prerequisite abilities for certain tasks.

With Bangladesh also looking to attract more foreign investment, and indeed the authorities addressing this by offering numerous incentives and greenlighting several initiatives, the time has never been more right for us to foster meaningful relationships with our neighbours. 

In our ongoing economic journey towards shedding, ensuring that they become allies and stakeholders is of paramount importance if Bangladesh is to truly realize its economic potential and become the nation we all know it can be.