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A timely move

  • Published at 12:01 am October 24th, 2019
Growth technology

Any instability in the sector could have proven damaging

There is no denying that the row between Grameenphone and Robi, two of the biggest telecommunications firms in the country, was getting out of hand -- a disagreement between the two firms and the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission was threatening to harm the country, and destabilize our investment climate. 

Thankfully, a very timely move by the Prime Minister’s Information and Communication Technology Affairs Adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy will now hopefully fix the situation, and at least stop it from escalating.

The issue between the companies centred around the amount they both owed the BTRC as per the audits, which was disputed, leading to the case being lodged in court.

Given Bangladesh’s slow but steady growth in accruing foreign direct investment over the last few years, any instability in the sector could have proven damaging.

The best option to end this dispute is most definitely an out-of-court settlement, as nobody wants a protracted legal battle -- if the process drags on, everybody loses out. 

In an industry that is already as volatile as it is, and whose existence is of the utmost importance to a developing nation such as ours, retaining a sense of rationality and level-headedness is an imperative.

We hope that the situation is dealt with amicably, and with as little damage to either our country’s investment climate, or the millions of customers who rely on the services of GP and Robi every day. 

To that end, it is good to know that there are efforts being made by all parties involved. Kudos to the PM’s ICT adviser for taking the lead on this matter.