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Preparing for the worst

  • Published at 12:03 am October 15th, 2019

Many in the country remain clueless regarding procedures to employ when disaster strikes

When Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina says Bangladesh must be prepared for any disaster, be it man-made or natural, nothing could be closer to the truth.

In the past, we have seen how natural disasters such as earthquakes and cyclones have cost the lives of millions of Bangladeshis, and we commend the government for starting the discussion in ensuring that such tragedies do not occur in the future. 

The crux of the problems we face today when disaster does strike has been a result of our lack of any long-term planning and, as such, we need to start moving towards understanding that prevention can only be achieved through preparation. 

In this regard, we hope that the Ministry for Disaster Management and Relief pays heed to the PM’s words, and ensures that, in times of crisis, the most vulnerable populations of our country are protected.

In this regard, we are pleased to see the inauguration of 100 multi-purpose cyclone shelters and over 11,000 disaster resilient houses in all 64 districts of the nation, which will no doubt go a long way towards ensuring safety for the people of this country.

But there is definitely more that we should be doing. 

One of the issues has been that disaster and risk management does not get the attention it deserves in the budget, and would do well with more investment that can pave the way forward for better solutions to crisis situations.

Furthermore, many in the country remain clueless regarding procedures and better to employ when disaster strikes and the country would benefit from heavier awareness campaigns which ensure that this knowledge is widespread long before times of disaster. 

As long as the authorities work well in advance in preparation for impending disaster, we can go a long way towards ensuring that disasters do not cause the sort of damage they have done in the past.