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A failure to teach

  • Published at 06:24 pm October 15th, 2019
Student classroom exam

If there is any place we should start in improving the quality of our education, let it be with our teachers

A nation is only as good as its teachers -- by that logic, Bangladesh still has a long way to go.

A recent report prepared by the Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE) paints a dire picture of the state of our country’s secondary education, and indeed our education system at large.

Over 56% of all teachers in the secondary school level are apparently incapable of preparing exam papers on their own, and instead opt to source them from other means.

According to the report at least three out of every 10 teachers in Bangladesh are members of some kind of regional teachers’ association. Of the teachers who outsource exam papers, at least 36.8% buy the questions from these associations, 14.4% of the teachers acquire question papers from the open market, and 10.3% have their colleagues formulate question papers for them.

Only 43.7% of the teachers claimed to have prepared their own exam papers.

That our education system has been a mess for a long time is no big secret, where exam paper leaks is still a prevailing issue.

But to know that the system is also plagued by teachers who are either inadequately trained for the job or are enterprising enough to take short-cuts, only serves to make matters even worse.

The report also states how 41% of all secondary school institutions have no multimedia classrooms or ICT labs. For a nation that understands the importance of a digital education, it is disappointing to know that our educational facilities are still woefully under-equipped when it comes to providing ICT literacy.

No nation, developing or otherwise, can afford to neglect education as a core pillar of progress. And if there is any place we should start in improving the quality of our education, let it be with our teachers.