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Empowering girls should be a priority

  • Published at 12:00 am October 13th, 2019
child marriage
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Child marriage is one the most glaring issues that girls in our country face

There is little doubt that Bangladesh has made significant progress in improving the lives of girls over the past decade and more -- a fact recognized also by our international development partners.

Indeed, it is extremely encouraging to see that more girls are enrolling in schools, and accessing better health care than ever before, while the progress and achievements in girls’ secondary education is already showing a visible transformation in the social fabric of our country.

However, what also cannot be denied is that the work has only just begun and significant challenges still remain in our society for girls to achieve their true potential.

Child marriage is one the most glaring issues that girls in our country face -- it stunts the progress of many promising young girls, and forces them to not enroll in, or drop out entirely of, secondary education. 

Then there is the problem of violence against girls, which seems to be rising at an alarming rate.

It is highly unfortunate that, despite the progress made in terms of gender equality in the country in many areas, when it comes to providing opportunities, girls, to this day, often remain an afterthought in our society, mostly in rural areas. 

It is about time that we changed this. It is time we prioritized our girls, and started doing what is right for them.

Bangladesh has lofty economic ambitions, and if it is to achieve them, unlocking the potential of the future generation, particularly the potential of girls, will be of paramount importance.