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Criminality on campuses must end

  • Published at 11:50 pm October 12th, 2019

We support Buet’s decision to do what was needed

It took the tragic death of a student, Abrar Fahad, for the authorities at Buet to finally wake up and take action, but it is good to see the administration take the move to ban student politics, among other necessary measures.

Every public university now needs to have a serious discussion on this matter, and now that Buet has taken action, others should follow suit.

It is all the more encouraging to see the Buet authorities doubling down on their decision by launching a drive against illegal occupants at their dormitories, while also vacating illegally occupied seats and sealing off any offices belonging to student organizations.

This is the kind of commitment that was needed.

Of course, while the drive is a great way to send a message to the more criminal elements lurking within the student bodies at our public universities, it is important to acknowledge exactly how things got so out of control.

The culture of impunity that leads to such levels of criminality needs to be addressed. While Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been on the record herself in going against any sort of corruption at any level in our society, up until now, that sentiment has hardly been echoed by the numerous public universities in our country.

Ragging, hazing, and general violent behaviour around campus -- these are all symptoms of institutions which have failed to address their toxic brand of student politics and the impunity that comes with it.

We support Buet’s decision to do what was needed, and hope it acts as a catalyst for much-needed change in our institutions as well.