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A world of investment

  • Published at 12:02 am October 5th, 2019
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Bangladesh’s 162 million people have a lot to offer

As Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina recently pointed out, Bangladesh is perfectly placed to become a regional hub for business, with access to an Asian market of potentially three billion people. 

The rapid progress the country has made over the last decade or so has come about through a few key steps taken by the current government, combined with the dynamism of the private sector. 

The PM said recently at the India Economic Summit in New Delhi that Bangladesh’s investment regime is the most liberal in South Asia and, as such, it is time for Bangladesh to really bring in global investors, particularly Indian entrepreneurs, in diverse areas ranging from education to light engineering.

This is not merely possible, but probable, and Bangladesh should seize this opportunity.

This most recent visit by the PM is a crucial one: The government is working with our closest neighbour as well as other countries to ensure that investment continues to flow into Bangladesh’s economy.

Bangladesh has already posted a record 8.1% economic growth this year, and one of the ways in which we can turn this into sustainable growth is not only by creating a landscape for more foreign investment, but by ensuring that this investment also flows into diverse and more niche areas which require attention, such as the automotive industry and artificial intelligence.

Bangladesh’s 162 million people have a lot to offer, and our workforce is brimming with potential that is waiting to be taken advantage of. Let us continue to take the right steps, and steadily move towards further investment, and a more robust and diversified economy.