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A call for action

  • Published at 12:02 am October 5th, 2019

It is about time the international community steps up

It has been over two years since the mass influx of Rohingya refugees from Rakhine state in Myanmar into our country. During this time, Bangladesh has gone above and beyond its call of duty in sheltering the Rohingya.

However, what is also true is that during these two years, Myanmar has not cooperated -- to say the least -- with Bangladesh in repatriating the Rohingya.

Despite previous agreements made with Bangladesh, there has been no sign from Myanmar that the Rohingya can return and enjoy a safe, secure, and decent life.

This is a point that has been highlighted repeatedly by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the Bangladesh government -- Myanmar is not listening to anyone.

While the PM’s composure and restraint on the matter is admirable, there must be a time to say enough is enough; Myanmar cannot turn a blind eye to this problem of their own creation.

To that end, it is about time the international community steps up and assists Bangladesh in dealing with Myanmar’s inactions. 

Myanmar cannot and should not be allowed to get away with the atrocities they have committed against their own people, and the international community must take actions, be it in the form of sanctions, investigations, or stricter regulations. 

In particular, Bangladesh is right to expect more from regional powers -- they have witnessed closely Myanmar’s gross negligence and unwillingness to solve this issue but, unfortunately, have mostly remained passive on the matter.

Indefinitely hosting the Rohingya refugees is not a sustainable solution, and Bangladesh should not be expected to do so.