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Towards a bike-friendly city

  • Published at 12:00 am October 3rd, 2019

The bicycle has become a popular means of commuting to beat the Dhaka traffic

It is exciting news that the Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) is about to implement the first ever bicycle lane project in the capital -- a project that was long overdue, and should finally be seeing the light of day.

It is not lost on anyone that the traffic in Dhaka city is unbearable, and unfortunately, it has consistently worsened year after year.

Therefore, in recent times, the bicycle has become a popular means of commuting to beat the Dhaka traffic, particularly amongst the youth population of the city.

However, despite commuting by bicycle providing obvious benefits -- besides beating the Dhaka traffic, bicycling is also a good form of physical activity -- there is little doubt that weaving through the busy and chaotic roads and streets of Dhaka on a bicycle is, as things currently stand, an extremely dangerous endeavour.

To that end, we hope that the bicycle lane -- under construction with a layout of international standards -- will finally provide commuters using bicycles the safety required to be on the roads of the capital.

This is the kind of infrastructural development plan the country wishes to see -- one that acknowledges and addresses the problems citizens face, and follows up with concrete action to help solve these problems.

The initial lane, which would be about 9.5km for bicyclists in Agargaon, should serve as the first of many others, and we hope that the authorities continue the good work of undertaking development projects that will help solve the traffic congestion in the capital for good.