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Nothing short of slavery

  • Published at 12:03 am October 1st, 2019
Migrant Workers

A developed nation takes care of its citizens. No matter where they are

Despite a significant portion of our population making their way to unknown territories outside of this country, we continue to fail in protecting them from various forms of abuse at the hands of their overseas employers.

And no one faces the brunt of this abuse more than our women, who work under slave-like conditions in which they are treated without respect, without dignity, and almost always under the threat of violence.

The amount of abuse is staggering: Even now, according to a government report, 35% of female migrants who have returned have faced some sort of abuse at the hands of their employers.

The extent to which this is taking place is unacceptable and it is high time this was stopped, once and for all.

The abuse is so bad that many are forced to flee their places of employment, citing issues of physical violence, sexual harassment and assault, and inadequate food. This is inhumane and is also nothing short of a humanitarian crisis that requires our immediate action.

What makes the issue all the more tragic is that our migrants have contributed so much to our economy through remittances, and we have failed to pay them back in kind. 

The government, and the authorities concerned, must provide a stronger presence in the nations which host our migrant workers, a presence which offers them the protection necessary to work without fear of abuse or violence, to ensure that they are treated with the utmost dignity and respect.

We appreciate the government addressing the issue head on and investigating the issue head first, with authorities working on creating a database for migrants.

A developed nation takes care of its citizens. No matter where they are.