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Using technology to fix the traffic

  • Published at 02:42 pm September 30th, 2019
Traffic dhaka city

There is no denying that Dhaka’s traffic conditions, as it stands, is unsustainable

For Bangladesh, a country which suffers from crippling traffic congestion and unacceptable rates of traffic accidents every year, taking advantage of technology to mitigate the issue should be a no-brainer. 

There is no denying that Dhaka’s traffic conditions, as it stands, is unsustainable, with little to no discipline observed in the way motorists function. And when one considers the fact that Dhaka loses close to four million work hours daily due to traffic and that the average traffic speeds have dropped to 7km/h from 21km/h over the last decade, one must also realize that this is a problem that needs to be prioritized and solved immediately. 

This is especially true for a country striving to reach middle income status, increase productivity, and bring in foreign investment -- all of which find the horrendous traffic to be an obstacle on its way towards progress. 

In this regard, ride-sharing apps have gone a long way towards alleviating the traffic situation in Dhaka city, helping commuters to find rides anywhere at any time and allowing certain others to beat the congestion by using motorbikes. 

This presents an opportunity for the authorities and policy-makers to take advantage of the burgeoning ride-sharing market -- which currently stands at Tk2,200 crore -- and harness its popularity it to improve traffic conditions in the city and bring about some much-needed order in the way it functions. 

It is about time that we took advantage of the various advances in technology that Digital Bangladesh has paved the way for, and use that to formulate a holistic solution to our abhorrent traffic problem.