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The biggest obstacle

  • Published at 12:02 am September 24th, 2019

At the root of all our problems lies corruption

Bangladesh has come a long way and, as a country, has overcome a plethora of obstacles on its way there -- from immense economic disparity to disproportionately high levels of child mortality -- and it has done so with much aplomb.

And we still have much left to accomplish.

But the fact remains that, no matter how much we accomplish, what continues to hold us back is the massive extent to which corruption has become systemic in our country, which has greatly stalled our journey on the path towards progress.

In this regard, we cannot help but agree with Md Tajul Islam, the minister for local government, rural development, and cooperatives, who recognizes that corruption remains the primary problem in this country, one that needs to be dealt with strictly and swiftly. 

This remains the tragic truth of our nation: At the root of all our problems lies corruption, which plagues both governmental institutions and private organizations, thereby nullifying, to a great extent, every single step towards development that we collectively take.

On paper, we have what it takes, from the natural resources to a strong and willing labour force, yet all our efforts are negated by the fact that our efforts, time, and money are greatly wasted, lost to corrupt officials and inefficient management. 

We are losing out on a lot because of this one problem and we hope that the current leadership will treat corruption with the severity it deserves. 

Until we remove this from the root, we will continue to lag behind and our true potential will remain unfulfilled.