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Stepping up the fight against human trafficking

  • Published at 11:41 am September 22nd, 2019
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Human trafficking is a staggering $150 billion global business

When it comes to definitively putting an end to the scourge of human trafficking, Bangladesh has not made satisfactory progress in the last few years -- only a tiny percentage of traffickers get prosecuted, and the business continues to thrive.

Indeed, human trafficking is a staggering $150 billion global business, with 70% of the world’s sex trafficking victims coming from the Asia-Pacific region, with experts identifying Bangladesh as a key strategic point.

It is, no doubt, a matter of great shame that every year, thousands of people, particularly women and children, are trafficked from Bangladesh, many being illegal migrants headed to Europe.

In the light of the dismal statistics, it is good to see that Bangladesh has signed a UN treaty in order to stop human trafficking -- the protocol, which is one of three which make up UN’s Palermo Protocls on trafficking,  should help Bangladesh deal with the social and economic impacts of the crime.

It is crucial, however, for the country to follow the protocols thoroughly and to the letter in order to make a real difference in this grave challenge.

Furthermore, awareness campaigns are needed down to the grassroots level to create a wider support network.

Human trafficking is one of the worst, most dehumanizing crimes in the world today, and is all the more dangerous because it preys on the underprivileged and vulnerable; and as a country which has sheltered nearly a million Rohingya and set an example of putting humanity first, we should, without question, make it a priority to end this appalling trade.