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New ways to pay

  • Published at 12:01 am September 16th, 2019

We cannot fulfil the vision of Digital Bangladesh with half measures

Digitization is the way forward.

Like all other facets of our economy, our commerce must also be digitized. To that end, E-commerce is the future and the Bangladeshi economy must catch up.

Increased digitization of payment methods also makes it safer from petty thieves and muggers. Which is one of the primary reasons that services such as Bkash are becoming more and more popular among people.

Not to mention the sheer convenience that digital payment brings to the table.

However, the advancement of digital transactions still faces many challenges in our country. Inadequate penetration of technology in many spheres of the economy leaves consumers no choice but to resort to cash transactions.

Most small shops and vendors cannot accept online payment as they are not equipped with proper technology or even the knowledge thereof. 

What is all the more baffling is that most government services are either ill-equipped in carrying out cashless transactions or any systems in place either work partially or not at all.

We cannot fulfil the vision of Digital Bangladesh with half measures.

It’s also worth mentioning that the economies in the peripheries of our country have yet to be brought under the umbrella of E-commerce at all. In order for the economy in these regions to grow, and contribute to the larger effort of decentralizing our country, the government needs to focus on these areas as well.

The days of standing in lines at banks for even the smallest of services is over. If we wish to truly digitize Bangladesh, let it start with how we pay for things.