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An ill-advised decision

  • Published at 12:02 am September 14th, 2019
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We now have a tournament rooted in disagreements and emotional decisions

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) deciding to do away with the successful franchise-led model of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) after disagreements with the majority of franchise owners is nothing if not ill-advised, and stands to do more harm than good to Bangladeshi cricket.

Such a decision is capricious and hasty to say the least, showing a complete disregard for the franchises that helped -- through significant investment of their time and monetary resources – build and transform the BPL into one of the most successful tournaments in world cricket.

Bangladeshi cricket has been on the ropes in recent times, from its poor showing in the World Cup in the UK followed by a series of atrocious performances against Afghanistan in both the T20 and test format -- in times such as these, when the people require stability and reassurance that there is nothing to worry about, the BCB’s decision courts disaster.

Indeed, what the decision tells the international cricket community is that Bangladesh lacks a cricketing body that is capable of settling differences through level-headed planning and decision making -- this will hurt the country and the tournament’s credibility going forward.

Furthermore, this decision, discouraging sponsors, will likely make the league smaller, and at a time when Bangladesh should be looking to develop local talent, will instead stifle them.

While the sentiment of naming this edition of the BPL after the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman may be a noble one, this is not the way to honour his name -- instead of letting emotions get the better of them and organizing this tournament alone, the BCB should have worked together with committed stakeholders to stage the best possible tournament. 

Instead, we now have a tournament rooted in disagreements and emotional decisions -- something that does not help the fans, the players, and Bangladesh cricket.