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Protecting the most vulnerable

  • Published at 12:01 am September 12th, 2019
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It is time to prioritize justice, and in this case, justice for children

There is nothing more abhorrent in our world than the abuse of innocent children -- they are the most vulnerable group of people, and unfortunately, we are consistently failing to ensure their safety.

To that end, the formation of a separate court to deal with cases concerning sexual violence against children -- proposed by several human rights campaigners at a meeting in the parliament earlier this week -- looks to be an step in the right direction to combat this most disturbing of issues in our society.

It is no surprise to anyone anymore that acts of sexual violence have been on the rise in Bangladesh, and it is about time we do something to halt an upward trend nobody wants.

For that to happen, however, we need a massive change in our mentality -- sexual violence and abuse remains a contentious topic of discussion in our society, and the stigma that surrounds it only allows the abusers a sense of impunity.

Additionally, there is the separate issue of cases remaining in limbo in the lower courts, with victims or their families often not seeing the light of justice, and destroying any little faith they may have had on the justice system.

It is time to say enough is enough. There is no point of a developing economy if its people and social fabric remain rooted in retrograde thinking and beliefs.

Therefore, it is time to prioritize justice, and in this case, justice for children and their families who are subject to heinous crimes against them.