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No tolerance for terror

  • Published at 12:02 am September 3rd, 2019
Science Lab Bombing

Terror and militancy have no place in our society

While it has been some time since Bangladesh has seen a major terror attack, the recent bomb explosion at the capital’s Science Lab area -- which has injured two police officers -- shows us that, when it comes extremism, we must always remain vigilant.

It has been more than three years since the Holey Artisan attack -- an incident in which 24 people lost their lives -- and memories of that horrendous night remain as fresh as they were right after the incident.

Since then, the government has done an admirable job of ensuring that militancy and extremism -- which go against each and every value upon which our country was founded -- were not allowed to foment in our society, not only carrying out raids at militant dens, but also spreading awareness through campaigns and de-radicalization programs.

But when it comes to such threats -- while they can be controlled and reduced -- we can never allow our attention to become lax, and must do everything in our power to ensure that they are dealt with the utmost priority. 

The Holey Artisan attack, if anything, was a wake-up call for us and the best way to honour the innocent lives lost that night would be to not allow such an incident to happen again. 

It must be remembered that terror and militancy have no place in our society, and the violent ways must be quelled at the root with zero tolerance for those who wish to infuse fear into the citizens of this country.

As such, this recent incident must be investigated fully by law enforcement, and those responsible for the recent attack must be brought to book.

It is the only path towards ensuring that militancy is not allowed to rise and is stubbed out of our national consciousness.